Westminster boy, 10, starts Difference Maker Club

Kylan Bain was inspired by his penpal in Uganda

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - Since he was 5 years old, Kylan Bain has been writing his pen pal in Uganda.

"His name is Haruna, and he is nine. He just turned nine," said  Kylan, who just turned 10.
His parents wanted to teach him that not everyone lives like we do here, but in the end, Kylan was the one teaching the lesson.
"I got the idea from my grandpa, because he collected scrap metal," said Kylan.
For two years, Ky collected scrap metal all over the neighborhood to send money to Africa through World Vision; he called it "Metal Mission."
"We would buy animals: chickens, a goat, depending on how much money we had," said Vanessa Bain, Kylan's mother.

The wheels really started turning, though, when Ky asked his school principal for help collecting metal.

"I wanted to get the cans from the cafeteria," he said.

Next thing they knew, Carrie Morgridge, a Colorado philanthropist, wanted to feature Kylan in her book, "Every Gift Matters" and offered him an incredible opportunity: a trip to Africa to meet his pen pal.
"All the doors kept opening up and he did it all. We just kind of supported him in everything he was doing," said Sumer Sorensen-Bain, Kylan's mother, who went with him and watched him walk hand-in-hand with the boy he thought he would never meet.

The impact was immediate.

"It made me feel like I want to do more," said Kylan. "It feels really good when you make a difference in somebody's life. It feels like you made a difference in your life." 

This year, he started a Difference Maker Club at his school, raising money to get clean water for his pen pal's community. Now, other schools are starting their own Difference Maker Clubs.

"I would say that I was a little cynical about the whole 'Change the World' idea, but seeing somebody that was so young with just one good idea make a true difference has softened my heart a little bit," said Vanessa Bain.

For more information on starting a Difference Maker Club in your community or supporting "I can make a difference," their website is: www.iamthedifferencemaker.org.













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