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'Everything was broken:' Man recovering after I-25 head-on with wrong way tow truck driver

Suspect accused of stealing tow truck and tractor
Posted at 6:07 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 21:08:44-04

You can almost feel chase Chase Fregosi’s pain.

“Just throughout the day, I try to do exercises and try to get my motion back in my hands and my knee,” Fregosi said of the physical therapy that’s now an all-day, everyday part of his life.

Simple things, like trying to get in and out of a car now take a great deal of effort.

 You might remember what happened to Chase. A man stole a tractor and led police on a now infamous chase through the streets of downtown Denver.

But, before that – the same suspect stole a tow truck earlier in the evening, drove the wrong way down I-25 and smashed head-on into Fregosi.

“I had just merged onto I-25 from 8th Avenue,” Fregosi said. “I was excited about some plans I had for that weekend. And – it was just like a split second of me trying to swerve to the right to try to avoid something that was coming towards me.”

The next thing Fregosi remembers is waking up in a hospital bed.

“I wasn’t scared, but a little confused,” Fregosi said. “(The suspect) is definitely lucky he didn't end my life or anybody else's."

On July 20, 37-year-old Thomas Busch is accused of stealing a tractor and leading police on that now infamous chase through LoDo.

In a jailhouse interview with Denver7, Busch said he was sorry, had a history of mental health issues and partially blacked out during the incidents of July 20.

“I do remember some of it, and then there are some things that I don't," Busch said. "But, it was almost like I thought I was trying to protect myself from people and I was trying to get away."

The head-on crash with Fregosi broke every limb in Fregosi's body, some in multiple places.

“And a fractured skull is what happened there," Fregosi said as he pointed to a neck brace he must still wear.

A GoFundMe page has raised more than $6,000 for Chase to help pay medical bills. And although recovery has been slow, Chase is incredibly grateful to friends, family and first responders.

"They did an awesome job getting me out of there because they had to tear my car apart to get me out," Fregosi said. “Of course, my friends and family – I can’t thank them enough. Without their love and support, it would definitely be a lot harder. They definitely make it as easy as possible for me.”

Fregosi is hoping to be up and walking soon. At the moment, he’s still under doctor’s orders to keep the weight off his badly broken right leg.

"I have a lot of metal in my legs and arms now,” Fregosi said. “Hopefully by December – that’s my goal to be able to start walking."

Busch is facing 23 charges for stealing multiple vehicles and causing serious injuries to Fregosi.