Water-filled potholes pose hazard to drivers

Posted at 2:55 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 17:03:22-04
The only thing worse than a deep pothole is one that takes you by surprise.
That’s been an issue on Denver streets lately, with snow melting and filling potholes with water, making them harder to see.
Check out the above video footage captured by Denver7, which shows some drivers hitting the same pothole on Kalamath St. and 7th street. 
Some cars, unfortunately, suffered damage to their tires from this very pothole. Denver7 found some victims pulled over in a nearby parking lot.
“It was scary, it felt like the whole car exploded,” Celeste Garcia, one of the victims of this particular pothole, said. “The whole suspension came off, it was really bad.”
A crew subsequently arrived and patched that pothole, something several crews are out doing every single day.
Potholes are common in Denver, especially during these freeze and thaw cycles in the spring. So far this year, Denver Public Works Street Maintenance crews have filled 24,924 potholes.
Remember to watch out for the sneaky ones filled with water, and keep in mind that more damage can come with hitting potholes at higher speeds.
You can report potholes to 311, and crews should be out to make repairs within 72 hours.