Local Family Says Adams County Sheriff's Deputies Assaulted Them

Fushimi Family Says It Was Case Of Prejudice

A family in unincorporated Adams County said deputies assaulted them.

TJ Fushimi said he probably shouldn't have been riding his dirt bike home on the street but said he was just trying to get it to his grandparents' house, which was a few hundred feet away from the dirt field he was riding on.

He said two Adams County sheriff's deputies pulled him over and were acting tough from the start.

"They had an attitude right from the start," said Fushimi.

Fushimi's father, Taka, said he saw the deputies pull his son over and went down the street to see what was going on.

"I heard (the deputy) say that my kid had a bad attitude so I hollered at my kid to, 'Shut the hell up.' When I got there, my kid said, 'Dad, I didn't say anything. My bad attitude is that I didn't have my driver's license out quick enough. I was stopping and taking my bike out of gear and turning it off,'" said Taka Fushimi.

Taka Fushimi said a deputy then said he was going to tow away his son's bike.

"Then he proceeded to say if they towed it, my son wouldn't ever see his bike again. And I said he was full of sh**, ya know ... He told me to go back to the house," said Taka Fushimi.

On the way back to the house, Fushimi admits he told the deputy the case was one of prejudice. He said the deputy responded back, "Yes, it is."

Fushimi said he threatened to get his video camera and that's when the officer came after him. He said the officer first jumped on his back. Then threatened to arrest him before he pushed him into the family's glass window.

Neighbor Terryron Thigpen said she saw the whole thing from her balcony.

"He just went and jumped on the dad," said Thigpen.

Thigpen said she yelled for police to stop and was horrified to see them arrest and assault 85-year-old Taka Fushimi Sr.

Fushimi Sr. said he was just coming out of the house to find out what was going on. He bent down to pick up his son's wallet when officers twisted his arm and pushed him to the concrete.

Fushimi Sr. called the deputies "crooked."

The Adams County Sheriff's Office won't comment on the case but said it was under investigation and they were taking the allegations very seriously.

The Fushimis said they are scheduled to meet with the department's internal affairs unit Wednesday. They said they want to see the deputies fired.

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