California boy waiting for leg to be amputated robbed

BAKERSFIELD - A Bakersfield boy waiting to have his leg amputated is fighting a different kind of battle.  Thieves have created more anguish for Ethan Perez, 9, and his family.

Debbie Landry is still a little shaken up after thieves broke into her northwest Bakersfield home.

"I called my husband a few times today saying I'm scared.  I think somebody's here," said Landry.

Landry is helping her son prepare to have his leg amputated.  She promised him a big gift to bring him ease from his surgery.  

"The one thing that I finally get is now missing," said Perez.

Among the items taken from the home was an iPod, video games, laptops and most importantly his surgery gift, a scooter he used to get around.

"It was green with white wheels and then inside in the middle the wheels were also green.  The brakes black and green," he said.

The family says police officers are investigating finger prints they found next door.  They say the 9-year-old's room was the worse hit in the robbery.

"It was actually pretty scary because I came home alone and then I find that and I thought somebody was in the house so, I stayed with it open," said older brother Cole, who first saw the mess suspect left at the home.

Since the news of the robbery, the family is getting calls of support from people around the community, even offers from school teachers to have his scooter replaced.

"He hasn't been able to be a normal kids for the last four years.  So, he likes to go with his brother and their friends around the neighborhood.  Ethan just looks at them and he used it to motivate himself to go with his brother and friends and be a normal kid," said Tony Perez.

The parents say they will replace his scooter. In the meantime, they just plan to focus on his upcoming surgery.

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