Lightning Strikes, Damages Jesus Statue At Mother Cabrini Shrine

Landmark Statue Loses Arm

Lightning struck a well-loved Colorado landmark late Saturday.

Sister Bernadette Casciano told 7NEWS the Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Mother Cabrini Shrine was hit in the arms by lightning. She said the strike knocked off the statue's right open palm, damaged its left arm, shattered its feet and caused significant damage to the base.

"We are grateful that no one was hurt. We have begun to research how we might restore the arms and bring this prominent landmark back to its original beauty," said Casciano.

The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, founded by Mother Cabrini, own, operate and sponsor the Mother Cabrini Shrine.

The Shrine is supported only by donations and sales from the gift shop.

Now, fundraising efforts will focus on getting the statue repaired.

Mother Cabrini Shrine, located beyond the foothills of Golden, Colo. was established by Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini for the purpose of spreading the gospel and providing a peaceful summer atmosphere for orphan children.

Every year, thousands climb the 373 steps to reach the 22-foot statue, located on the top of a hill, overlooking the Denver metro area. A cool spring of miraculous water still flows today after Mother Cabrini found it on the barren hilltop.

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