Lesbian Couple Targeted In Parker

Words Of Hate, Noose Left On Their Home

A Parker couple fears for their safety after someone spraypainted words of hate on their home and left a noose on their front door.

"It's scary," said Christel Conklin. "It's very scary."

Conklin and her partner Aimee Whitchurch aren't sure what to do about the attack, so they are on a Facebook frenzy, telling anyone and everyone of the hate against them.

"It needs to stop," said Conklin. "If it takes us being the Rosa Parks that won't get off the bus, that is what it is going to be, because we are not leaving."

On Friday, the lesbian couple woke up to red spray paint on their garage and front door. On the garage it said, "Kill the Gay." On the front door, a target was spray painted.

"I am still shocked and angry," said Whitchurch.

The women said many of their neighbors are not comfortable with their sexual orientation, but say this has gone too far.

On Saturday, the couple found a noose on their front door.

"It is somebody trying to chase us out of our home," said Whitchurch.

The couple said no one from the HOA has apologized or even offered support. The HOA president used white paint on the brown garage to hastily cover the red spray paint.

7NEWS reporter Dayle Cedars contacted the management company which oversees Prairie Meadows, but no one has returned calls.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said if investigators can determine who did it, the person will be charged with criminal mischief, a felony and a bias-motivated crime.

On Monday, with no leads on possible suspects, the sheriff's office closed the case.

Late Monday, the FBI got word of the hate crime and has investigators looking into it. That has both Conklin and Whitchurch resting a littler easier, although they are still dealing with problems.

"The harassment still continues," said Whitchurch.

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