Learn To Preserve Family Memories

What People Can Do To Keep A Family Legacy

As families get together for the holidays, instead of just exchanging gifts, people may want to consider exchanging memories to capture their family legacy and preserve memories.

“When you lose someone, you lose the knowledge and you lose all the memories that that person built,” said Soraya Cartwright, owner of Life’s Sweet, a Lone Tree business that puts together customized photo books.

Cartwright said she hears over and over how people put off sitting down with family members to hear their stories, to learn about their heritage until it is too late.

“I was a ring bearer at my uncle's wedding,” said 84 -year-old Homer Goodman, of Denver, who recently received an album. “That gal swept me off my feet,” he said, looking at a photograph of his late wife.

Everyone, like Goodman, has a story. His is now bound between two leather covers and can be shared with generations to come.

“To look at (the album), it brings back a lot of memories for me,” said Goodman.

The album is filled with photos of Goodman as a boy, in the military, at his wedding, and with his children and grandchildren.

“You can get more from a picture than you can from words,” said Goodman.

Cartwright said she agrees.

“This is a great way to honor (people),” said Cartwright. “One of the things that I have learned from our customers is that you really only have this moment. There is no guarantee for tomorrow.”

So today, whether people plan on using her service or doing it themselves, Cartwright has four tips to help preserve a person’s family history. First, tell relatives you are planning for a story time when everyone will get together to share stories. Secondly, have people bring photos or memorabilia. Then, prepare a list of questions ahead of time. Finally, record the story-telling session on a video or voice recorder.

Cartwright said they are simple steps that can capture a lifetime of memories.

To get a list of questions to ask relatives, log on to Life's Sweet's Web Site and enter your email address on the right side of the screen.

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