Lawsuit Challenging Aurora Pit Bull Ban Thrown Out

Judge Agrees That Dogs Are Property, Subject To Regulation

A judge stands behind Aurora's pit bull ban and threw out the lawsuit challenging the ordinance.

Officials with the American Canine Foundation claimed the ordinance violated dog owners' rights.

The law bans new pit bulls in the city and imposes strict restrictions on pit bull owners already living in Aurora.

An Arapahoe County District judge threw out the lawsuit challenging the ordinance. District Judge Michael Spear agreed with Aurora's arguments that dogs are property that are subject to regulation for public health and safety.

The canine group said it may try to revive the case in federal court.

The City Council approved the ordinance in October, and it's slated to go into effect at the end of January. Brighton resident Khristina Villani sued over the ordinance soon after a 10-year-old boy was mauled by three pit bulls in his back yard.

The lawsuit had asked the court to declare Aurora's ordinance unconstitutional and force the city to return any seized pets and money collected from fines.

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