June 9, 2006: Hero Coaches Soccer For Kids With Special Needs

Phyllis Rhoades Volunteers With Rush-Thunder Soccer Program

Organized sports have the ability to provide children with exercise, confidence and socialization. But if your child has a learning or physical limitation, it can be hard to find a quality sports program.

That's where this week's 7Everyday hero comes in.

Phyllis Rhoades has volunteered to coach the Rush-Thunder Soccer Program for the past six years. It's designed for kids with special needs.

It's a program where kids of all ages, all sizes and all abilities can have fun.

"It's actually a sport that I feel like I can play very well," said team member Alex Randall.

"These kids are really special and their parents are really special," said Rhoades.

"I don't know too many people who would get up every Saturday and give of their time to coach this type of soccer," said Julie Hall, Rhoades' friend.

Rhoades donates hundreds of hours because she has a heart for helping kids.

"We have some that used to play with the flags and now they're scoring goals," she said.

The kids score, they compete but most of all they feel accepted.

"It just gives them a little outlet to be able to do everything that they're the best at, so, it's awesome," said Lori Nichol, a parent of one of the kids in the program.

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