Judge Tosses Case Against Woman Who Found Wallet

Deborah Heinrich Was Arrested On Suspicion Of Interference

A judge has dismissed a case against a woman who was arrested after she balked at giving a wallet she found to police until first hearing from the owner, a Colorado man.

Deborah Heinrich's first trial on police interference charges was declared a mistrial. The Casper Star-Tribune reported that a Natrona County judge dismissed the case last week, saying Heinrich is entitled to constitutional protection against being tried repeatedly for the same crime.

Heinrich found William McCreary's wallet on a gas pump in Casper.

"I had an old-timers moment," McCreary said. "I left my wallet on top of the pump. I didn't realize I'd lost it until I was about 100 miles down the road."

Heinrich said she called the phone numbers in McCreary's wallet, then she contacted police and asked them for help tracking down the owner.

She was arrested after she wouldn't give police the wallet. She said she wanted to hear what the owner wanted to do.

"I said, 'Are you serious? I'm going to jail for trying to return a guy's wallet to him?'" Heinrich said.

Heinrich has said police were aggressive and arrested her after she agreed to hand over the wallet. Police said she was uncooperative.

McCreary said he understood both sides, but when asked if he thought the case should be dropped, he said, "Oh. absolutely."

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