Judge Refuses To Drop Any Charges Against Thompson

Prosecution Rests In Aaron Thompson Case

The prosecution's case against Aaron Thompson ended Tuesday as it started 20 days earlier: with determined work by Aurora police, more stories of beaten children, and nobody directly linking the father to his daughter's presumed death.

Deputy District Attorney Amy Richards entered certain exhibits as evidence but the parade of more than 100 prosecution witnesses is over.

The jury was sent away as the defense team asked Judge Valeria Spencer to acquit Thompson on all of the 60 charges he now faces. Spencer denied all of the acquittal motions.

Spencer, rejecting the motion to acquit Thompson on the child abuse resulting in death and conspiracy charges, said "The evidence is rife about the beatings of Aarone ... There is active participation by the defendant at every level here."

She said there was evidence Thompson was " ... continually embroidering that story," rejecting the motion that the false reporting and conspiracy to commit false reporting charge should be dropped.

Defense attorney James Karbach argued that burying a body without a headstone is a common way of burying a body and "totally within a family's sensibilities to bury a body."

"That just struck a wrong note with me. We're not in the era of Western expansion ... it rang a really wrong bell with this court," Spencer said.

Karbach was trying to get the judge to drop the charge of "abuse of a corpse."

Karbach also said Thompson shouldn't face a contributing a delinquency of a minor charge because the kids were not threatened directly by Thompson and Thompson didn't tell them to lie to police about what happened to Aarone.

Spencer argued that all of the kids have said that Thompson was in the room when Lowe told the kids to lie to police.

She said "it' not a leap if they didn't do what they were told, then it would result in a physical beating In a real bastardization of 'just wait til your father gets home.'"

The defense team will begin their case on Wednesday. So far, no official defense team witness list has been discussed in open court but the defense does have a large "may call" list.

Aaron Thompson's name is not on it.

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