John Karr Timeline

Recent Events

Aug. 15: Karr began teaching second grade in an international school in Bangkok, according to the district attorney in Boulder.

Aug. 16: Arrest warrant sent to Thai police and Karr taken into custody.

Aug. 17: Karr told reporters in Bangkok, Thailand, that he was "with JonBenet when she died" and that "her death was an accident."

Aug. 20: Karr returns to the United States.

Aug. 22: Karr waives extradition hearing in Los Angeles courtroom and agrees to go to Colorado.

Aug. 24: Karr returns to Boulder, Colo.

Aug. 26: DNA tests show that Karr is not a match for the DNA evidence in JonBenet's underwear.

Aug. 28: Prosecutors decide not to charge the schoolteacher.


May: University of Colorado Professor Michael Tracey, who had been corresponding with Karr about the case for four years, contacted the Boulder, Colo., district attorney about their e-mail exchanges.

June 6: Lt. Gen. Suwat Tumrongsiskul, head of Thailand's immigration police, said Karr arrived in Bangkok from Penang, Malaysia, to look for a teaching job. Karr had been in Thailand five times over the previous two years.

June: Karr worked at the elementary school at Bangkok Christian College, but was fired after two weeks for being too strict, according to Banchong Chompowong, assistant director of the school's English immersion program.

Aug. 11: Suwat said U.S. authorities informed Thai police that an arrest warrant had been issued for Karr on charges of premeditated murder.


October: Karr left Honduras after teaching at a small primary school for eight months in the town of La Esperanza. Renan Marquez, who worked at the school, said Karr taught second grade, and left because he had a contract with another school. Marquez told The Associated Press that Karr was always "reserved, shy, responsible, organized and punctual."


Aug. 3: John Karr left Costa Rica, crossing the border into Nicaragua by land. Costa Rican authorities said they have no record of him entering the country and no other evidence of his stay. A teacher at Pro Language, a school that teaches English to Costa Rican executives, said he worked with Karr and rented him a room.


The resume in Karr's name said he was a private English teacher and caregiver in Germany and the Netherlands, apparently for three families with young children. It listed Stuttgart and Munich as cities he has visited. Public prosecutors in both cities said they have no record of any investigation involving Karr. The authenticity of the resume could not be confirmed.


April: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing suspended Karr's certification. No specific reason was given, but automatic suspensions are authorized when a complaint, information or indictment is filed in court alleging the teacher has committed an offense specified in the Education Code.


Karr claimed he taught English to children aged 6-12 in Seoul, South Korea, and volunteered as an English teacher in Heemstede, Netherlands, a resume posted on an English-teaching institution Web site said. The Web site took down the posting after an Associated Press reporter called. South Korean immigration officials have declined to comment. The same claim was made on the resume posted on; its authenticity could not be confirmed.


January-March: Karr worked in four different school districts throughout Sonoma County, Calif., between January and March 2001.

April 13: Karr was arrested on five misdemeanor counts of possession of child pornography, the Sonoma County sheriff's office said.

April 17: Karr pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to court documents.

April: The Sonoma County School District where Karr sometimes substitute-taught received a letter from the county superintendent of education to say Karr had been taken off the list of acceptable substitutes, after the Sonoma sheriff's office notified school officials he had been arrested.

April 19: Karr's wife filed for divorce.

Oct. 5: After a series of court hearings, Karr was released from jail, but was ordered to report to a probation officer and avoid child pornography, children and places where children congregate, such as schools, beaches and parks. The court records in the case were sealed.

November: A judge issued a restraining order, compelling Karr to stay 100 yards away from his wife and three children for three years.

December: A warrant was issued for Karr's arrest after authorities said he violated the terms of his supervised release.


Summer 2000: Karr moved his family to Petaluma, Calif.

John Karr received a bachelor of science degree in liberal arts from Regents College, now Excelsior College, in 2000, spokesman Bill Stewart said.


A resume in Karr's name at said he taught a variety of subjects at "some of the most prestigious schools in the United States" in addition to doing private tutoring. The resume says he has been to Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities, though no dates or schools are listed. The authenticity of the resume could not be confirmed.


Karr said he served as a substitute teacher at Winfield Elementary in Winfield, Ala.


Karr said he was a computer instructor at Bevill College in Hamilton, Ala.


Alabama officials say Karr operated a home day care center.


At Bevill State Community College in Hamilton, records show Karr was a student from the fall of 1996 to the winter of 1998. During that time he also ran a used car business, according to Marion County Probate Judge Annette Bozeman, who often saw Karr in her office working on car titles.

Fall 1996: Karr is hired as a substitute teacher at the high school he attended, Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Ala. He worked there until school officials received complaints that he was saying things "that didn't need to be said in an elementary class," according to the district's superintendent, Bravell Jackson.

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