Women report strange encounters with suspect in Jessica Ridgeway murder

Sigg stared, didn't respond in area park

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - When Emily Alexander's 11-year-old daughter said she knew who kidnapped Jessica Ridgeway the day after it happened, no one believed her.

"I feel bad I dismissed it. She was right," said Alexander. "She said, 'Mom, oh my God. I know who did it: the Goth teenager from the park."

At the park down the road from their house, Alexander said a teenage boy had been acting strangely, staring at her daughter and walking by their home.

"She pointed him out right across the street from our house a few days after Jessica disappeared," said Alexander.

But Alexander said she never thought she suspect would be a teenager, until she saw Austin Sigg's mug shot on the news Wednesday night.

Christie Mueller recognized the stare as well.

"When I saw his mug shot, I literally took a step back, and it just hit me," said Mueller.

Twice last summer, while running on a trail near Standley Lake, Mueller saw Sigg walking with two friends and something was not right.

"I made eye contact and said 'hello,' and that's what I thought was so weird. I said hello and they just stared at me and didn't say anything to me," said Mueller. "Having my dog as extra protection, I think that is what saved me."

Alexander said her daughter's friends were with her when she saw Sigg, and that may have been what saved her.

"If she had been at the park alone, there's no telling what could have happened," said Alexander. "I should have let her know that the moment she feels uncomfortable, she should trust that. It's better to be safe than sorry."

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