Police in Maine on the lookout for station wagon after possible Jessica Ridgeway sighting

DENVER - Police in Maine have issued a statewide alert for a light blue station wagon after a possible sighting of Jessica Ridgeway was reported.

Jessica was last seen walking to school Friday morning in Westminster. An Amber Alert was issued Friday night and extensive searches have continued every day since.

Sgt. Alan Grinnell, with the Police Department in Dexter, Maine, told 7NEWS that a woman saw the Amber Alert on her computer Tuesday and reported the possible sighting.

Grinnell said the woman reported seeing a girl who looked very much like Jessica in the back seat of a light blue Buick station wagon with Colorado plates Sunday. He said they have not confirmed that it was Jessica, but did say police are taking the tip seriously.

The Dexter Police Department did contact the Westminster Police Department about this tip, Grinnel said.

Dexter, Maine is about 40 miles west of Bangor.

Westminster Police Department spokesman Trevor Matterasso said the tip from Maine is just one of several received from other states. He said tips have also come in from Maryland, Texas, Wyoming and Nevada, but urged everyone not to focus on any individual tip.

"We're working with our law enforcement partners across the country on those tips," he said.

Earlier Wednesday, Matterasso said police had received approximately 650 tips by phone so far.

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