Jeffco, Aurora, Cherry Creek, Dougco Schools Closed Wednesday

DPS Will Be Open Wednesday

A number of school districts in Colorado will be closed on Wednesday because of the continuing cold temperatures.

Temperatures on Tuesday night are expected to drop to 20 below zero in the Denver metro area.

School closures are listed in the order they were announced:

Adams County District 14 was the first district to announce its closure plans for Wednesday. The district has canceled classes and before and after school activities for Wednesday.

Adams County District 50, Brighton School Dist. 27-J and Mapleton Public Schools will also be closed Wednesday.

Officials said Aurora Public Schools and Pickens Technical College will be closed on Wednesday.

"In the interest of safety, staff and students should stay home," a news release said. "Only essential staff should report to work as directed by their supervisors."

Cherry Creek Schools will also be closed Wednesday.

Officials said the decision to close schools for a second day was made due to the record cold temperatures, predicted to be at -17 degrees with a wind chill factor of -27 degrees, in the early morning when most students would be waiting for buses or walking to school.

Jefferson County Public Schools will also be closed Wednesday.

In making the decision, Jeffco officials said the below zero temperatures forecast for Wednesday morning pose a health and safety hazard for children who wait at bus stops and for those students who walk. In addition, there is concern that despite precautions, buses may have difficulty starting and operating in sub-zero temperatures.

However, administrative and professional/technical employees who work at any of the central offices will be expected to report to work.

Douglas County Public Schools will also be closed Wednesday.

All Dougco schools, including preschools, childcare, and before and after-school activities, will be closed again Wednesday, due to extreme weather conditions.

Boulder Valley Public Schools will also be closed Wednesday.

Due to a prediction of further extreme cold on Wed., all Boulder Valley School district schools and administrative buildings will remain closed. All after-school activities are also canceled. Based upon current weather predictions, severe temperature conditions are expected to improve late Wed. Boulder Valley expects to operate on its regular schedule on Thursday.

Littleton Public Schools will be closed Wednesday.

All school-sponsored activities are canceled, as well. All school-age child care programs in the schools will also be closed.

Poudre School District will be closed Wednesday.

PSD’s decision is based on continuing concerns for student safety. Approximately half of PSD’s 25,000 students rely on buses to get to and from school, and extremely cold temperatures will make it difficult to operate buses safely. In addition, temperatures are predicted to be colder Wednesday than Tuesday, creating unsafe conditions for students who walk to school.

Denver Public Schools will be open on Wednesday.

"Buses are expected to be fully operational Wednesday morning to run their normal routes, although they may experience some weather-related delays. Parents are being reminded to dress students warmly, in heavy layers, limiting skin exposure as much as possible.

"Also, the district will be adhering to revised tardy and absence policies Wednesday. DPS respects the judgment of parents in ensuring the safety of their children. Excused absences will be given to students whose parents do not want them to attend school, due to a safety concern. Parents are asked to contact the attendance office at their child’s school to report excused absences. All weather-related tardies will be automatically excused Wednesday."

A later statement from DPS said, "We are very concerned about the severely cold weather. Nevertheless, we expect road and traffic conditions tomorrow to have improved to the point to allow for buses to be fully operational, for our students to go to and from school safely, and for schools to be open to serve our students.

"Should parents decide that they want to keep their students home due to a safety concern related to the weather, those students will be given excused absences. We do not second-guess our parents when it comes to their children’s safety."

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