Jayson's Hot On The Web Segment:

Here Are The Links To The Stories Mentioned On Air.

Mentioned Tuesday, August 7:

  • Easy way to waste 15 minutes at work today: Google
  • Cats with super hero costumes. What's not to love?: Sweet Furr Blog
  • Mentioned Monday, August 6:

    • Hey don't forget about me, said the Moon: WTF News
    • Maybe this adult relations doll will keep people from speeding through this intersection: KTLA
    • Swim with the fishes takes on a new meaning: DailyMail

    Mentioned Friday, August 3:

  • It could be the cutest police chase in police chase history: KHOU TV
  • The next mega-viral hit, Gangnam Style: YouTube
  • Mentioned Thursday, August 2:

    Mentioned Wednesday, August 1:

    • Paw Paw dies behind the wheel so 12-year old becomes MacGyver: ABC News
    • Olympic fever makes peopel do strange things: GapYear
    • This is why you don't ask your girlfriend to marry you at a baseball game: MLB.com

    Mentioned Tuesday, July 31:

    • The eternal Olympic flame apparently isn't so eternal: Telegraph
    • Hey 911, I hate my mug shot. Arrest me again. OK: Bad & Busted

    Mentioned Monday, July 30:

    • It's like if ketchup and mustard got into a fight: NY Daily News
    • Al Capone's car is for sale. Make sure to pay the sales tax: Orange UK
    • Rollercoasters are really fun until a bid hits you in the face: NBC News

    Mentioned Wednesday, July 25:

  • Squirrels looking to get closer to the beach volleyball babes: Orange UK
  • Killer whales doing their best dolphin impression: SMH.com
  • Even soft music can't make a video of men throwing with the wrong hand look less awkward: YouTube
  • Mentioned Tuesday, July 24:

    • Lucky kitty survives a month at sea with no food or water: LA Weekly
    • Some stolen food from 31 yeas ago is worth some money now: Metro UK
    • Boys, you are going to be in big big trouble: YouTube
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