Italian-Americans Camp Out For Parade Permit

City Will Allow Only One Parade On Columbus Day

Even though the holiday is four months away, an Italian American group has been camping out in front of the Denver permit office, waiting to get a parade permit for Columbus Day.

That's because the city has decided that only one parade can be held on that controversial holiday, so only one parade permit will be issued on July 10.

Last year, more than 150 protesters were arrested during the Columbus Day parade.

American Indian activists believe that Columbus should not be honored because he was slave trader who murdered native peoples. Opponents of the holiday said that they would try to stomp on this year's parade by getting the permit first.

But they're too late. The members of Sons of Italy have been camped out for a week and are prepared to camp out for four more weeks, or until they get the permit.

To them, Columbus Day gives them a chance to celebrate Italian culture and the people who brought European culture to America. The Columbus Day parade will be held on October 8.

Last year's parade was the first parade in the city in nine years.

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