Million-dollar DOC parole unit requested help finding fugitive later shot, killed by Aurora Police

Vinzant cut ankle monitor days before shooting

AURORA, Colo. - The CALL7 Investigators are asking the Colorado Department of Corrections exactly what happened in the days before a parolee on the run was shot and killed by Aurora Police.

As of Tuesday evening, the Department had not released any information on Naeschylus Vinzant. Aurora Police said the parolee cut off his DOC ankle monitor on Monday, March 2nd -- four days before he was killed.

Parole officials are required to respond within two hours of receiving a tamper alert under a state policy that took effect in 2013 -- after a series of CALL7 reports exposed serious gaps in DOC parole's response times. The same gaps gave parolee Evan Ebel days to carry out the murders of Tom Clements, the DOC chief at the time, and Nate Leon, a father of three.

CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta asked the Department Tuesday to explain what it's million-dollar Fugitive Apprehension Unit did to try to find Vinzant in the days he was off the grid. Vinzant had a 10-page arrest record and his ankle monitor shows DOC parole considered him high-risk.

The Aurora Police Department said Tuesday the DOC had asked them to help track down Vinzant. Aurora launched a SWAT operation to execute his arrest.

APD Chief Nicholas Metz said the fugitive was shot when he was taken into custody, but declined to provide further details, citing the pending investigation.

A state law signed last May requires the DOC to notify local law enforcement within 12 hours if a parolee tampers with a monitoring device. A 2014 CALL7 investigation by Marchetta revealed about two-thirds of arrests the Fugitive Apprehension Unit takes credit for were executed either exclusively or in part by other agencies.

DOC records currently list more than 100 parolees as fugitives.

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