Denver Schools security chief explains violence reporting system that contributes to under-reporting

DPS Chief says no changes made in reporting policy

DENVER - In a one-on-one interview with the CALL7 Investigators, Denver Public Schools Safety and Security Chief Michael Eaton described the ways the reporting of crimes at schools can break down.

In May, our 7NEWS - Denver Post joint investigation revealed school districts, including Denver Public Schools, failed to report hundreds of crimes on campus to the state, as required by law.

Whenever there's an incident at a Denver school, the Safety & Security Division responds to the scene and takes a report. That report moves forward to Student Services for disciplinary action. Based on the disciplinary action, student services reports to CDE.

We asked Eaton about our findings -- that many assaults aren't reported to CDE at all.
"Is there anything within that reporting process that needs to change, to make sure this information is accurate?" CALL7 Investigator Keli Rabon asked.
"We're always looking at opportunities and we will continue to evaluate that on an annual basis as we train our teachers, we train our staff and we train our teams," Eaton said.

But Eaton did not provide any specifics about how the district will improve its incident reporting.

State lawmakers are continuing to look at options for strengthening reporting laws.


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