Independent Truckers Plan Strike

Drivers Fighting High Fuel Prices

When it comes to high fuel prices, don’t get mad – go on strike.

That’s what some independent truck drivers plan to do starting April 1 to protest diesel prices over $4 a gallon.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association reports many of its members plan to strike to send a message: if fuel prices don’t go down, they’ll go out of business.

“Some of the loads I do I wonder why I’m even doing them because the profit’s just not there,” said Greg Cordova, a Colorado trucker struggling to make ends meet.

Truckers say the rising costs of everything from food to clothes are being blamed on diesel prices, but that money doesn't always trickle down to the person actually paying for the fuel.

"I think they're trying to bring home the fact that they are essential and that issue is critical to not only them, but to the country as a whole," said Greg Fulton, president of the Colorado Motor Carrier Association.

However, with no central coordination and without trucking companies on board, many drivers say the strike will have little widespread impact.

Trucking associations believe it might put pressure on the Bush administration to tap into the nation's strategic oil reserve and stabilize fuel prices.

They are also lobbying for legislation that would require 100 percent of those higher costs blamed on diesel prices be passed along to the people paying for the fuel.

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