Illinois Man Delivers Crosses For Shooting Victims

Greg Zanis Built Each Cross Out of Wood

A man from Illinois built and delivered wooden crosses for each of the victims killed in a shooting rampage Friday at an Aurora movie theater.

Greg Zanis made the 16-hour trip to Aurora by truck and arrived Sunday.

He made 12 crosses for each of the victims of the attack, and did the same for the 13 Columbine High School shooting victims in 1999.

"It’s so hard to be back here again," said Zanis. "It’s in my heart to do this."

He set up the crosses in a lot near the Century 16 movie theater.

"We all as a nation are suffering here. This is a warzone what happened over there -- not just the 12, the wounded," said Zanis.

The white crosses created a very visible memorial for anyone passing by the site of the tragedy.

"I want to let them know Greg Zanis cares," said Zanis.

Zanis planned to start his trek back home later Sunday, after the cross display was finished.

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