How Cold Did It Get?

It's the question many are asking: how cold did it get Wednesday morning?

In Denver, the official low for Wednesday was 17 below. That's just one degree off from the record low of 18 degrees below zero.

The last time temperatures hit 20 below or colder in Denver was on Dec. 21 and 22 of 1990.

Fort Collins reported a low of 15 degrees below zero and Colorado Springs reported a low of negative 12.

The frigid temperatures were felt across the state.

On the Eastern Plains, Sterling reported a low of 18 degrees below zero while residents in Limon saw a low of negative 19. In Southern Colorado, Alamosa reported a low of 21 degrees below zero.

In the mountain communities, residents saw even lower temperatures. In Steamboat, the temperature dropped to negative 27. In Leadville, the temperature dropped to 30 degrees below zero and Craig was one of the coldest spots with a temperature of negative 38.

Wind chills were even lower. Wind chill is the temperature you'd feel on exposed skin, explained 7NEWS meteorologist Lisa Hildago.

In Denver, the wind chill made it feel like 30 degrees below zero. In Hayden, it felt like 49 degrees below zero and in Walden, it felt like 63 degrees below zero.

Temperatures Wednesday night into Thursday morning will remain frigid. The forecast calls for a low of 6 degrees below zero in Denver. Mountain communities will see lows of negative 23 in Steamboat, negative 25 in Aspen and negative 27 in Gunnison.

For comparison, the low temperature in Anchorage, Alaska, for Wednesday night into Thursday morning is expected to be 24 degrees and in International Falls, Minn., the low is expected to be 4 degrees.

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