Hotels Enlist Housekeepers For Security

Training to Keep Hotels Safe, Protect Against Terrorism

In an effort to keep hotels safe, housekeepers are getting specific training to protect against acts of terrorism.

Hotels have often served as a target for terrorists.

In 2008, an attack at a hotel in Mumbai left more than 100 people dead.

"I think it's in my mind, but not really concerning me, I mean I'm aware of it,” said Mark Brown, a tourist from Kansas.

These days, many hotels are restricting access to all floors, not just the high up levels. Some are demanding stiffer ID checks and locking more access doors.

The housekeeping staff at some hotels are getting specific training, to look for things that may be unusual, like chemical residue on the counters.

“I don't think anyone would go through your drawers or your luggage,” said Christine O’Donnell of the Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association.

O’Donnell points out these moves aren't just to prevent terrorists. The hope is to stop meth makers and even peephole video voyeurs.

"It's more of a looking at the room, is there anything unusual here without violating the privacy of the guest, which is really fine balance," O’Donnell told 7News.