Homeowner: Door-To-Door Salesman Becomes Hostile

Longmont Police See Increase In Soliciting Complaints

Longmont police said a door-to-door salesman gave an entirely new meaning to the term hard-sell when they said he became hostile after a homeowner told him no.

Wednesday night, Longmont resident David Habeger said the salesman approached him in his back yard, asking for donations for military care packages.

Things got out of control quickly, he said.

“He started using profanity and told me I wasn’t patriotic,” said Habeger. “I couldn’t believe he was yelling at me in my own backyard.”

Habeger called Longmont police, who said not only did the salesman, Justin Young, 25, not have a solicitor’s permit, he has a history: a reported arrest in Boulder City, Nevada for fraud.

But the Pennsylvania-based start up Young claimed he was working for, Smartraiser, does exist.

7NEWS spoke to the owner, Matt Albert via cell phone.

“The sole mission to send as many care packages and backpacks as we possibly can,” said Albert.

He said Young was a subcontractor and has been fired because of what happened and that they will now require background checks for subcontractors.

“I haven’t heard of anything like this happening before this,” said Albert.

But Longmont police said last month, several other men who claimed to be working for Smartraiser were arrested in New Jersey on theft charges.

Longmont police said they have seen an increase in soliciting complaints over the summer.

To protect yourself from door-to-door scams, always ask to see a solicitor’s permit and research the company’s information.