Holmes Failed Preliminary Exam Before Withdrawing

Details Of Shooting Suspect's Academic Woes Emerge

A man accused in a mass shooting at a Colorado theater that killed 12 people and injured 58 more failed a preliminary exam before pulling out of the neurosciences program at Colorado University.

7News' Keli Rabon was told that Holmes would not have been kicked out of the program, because students have an opportunity to improve their performance in the oral exam.

It is not clear if the failure led to Holmes' decision to withdraw from the program in May.

The neurosciences program also requires first-year students to partner with a mentor, and it wasn't immediately known if Holmes met that requirement.

Holmes had been a high-performing student, and this was the first indication that he had hit an academic problem.

There is no indication on whether Holmes' problems at school contributed to what police said was his involvement in Friday's shooting spree.

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