Holmes Emotionless During Talk Of Shooting Victims

Aurora Theater Shooting Suspect Appears Dazed, Staring Blankly During Court Hearing

Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes at times looked dazed and confused during a Thursday court hearing, showing no emotion as a lawyer discussed a charity's efforts to help victims.

Holmes often stared blankly ahead as prosecutors told Arapahoe County District Judge William Sylvester that some victims recovering from shooting injuries are having trouble paying rent or buying food.

The 24-year-old Holmes wore a red jail jumpsuit. His once-wildly colored red hair is fading to mostly orange, and he has grown a mustache and mutton chops.

Prosecutors were seeking the judge's approval to provide victims' contact information to the Colorado Organization for Victims so they can apply for more than $4 million in public donations to GivingFirst.org.

Meanwhile, the University of Colorado responded to a prosecution subpoena by providing 100 pages of records about Holmes. He withdrew as a graduate student at the Anschutz Medical Campus just before the July 20 shooting rampage that killed 12 people and wounded 58 others.

A CU attorney said the documents, delivered in seal envelopes to the judge, did not contain medical records. Holmes was treated by a CU Psychiatrist on campus.

The judge suggested that he privately review the CU records in his chambers before deciding whether to release them to defense attorneys and prosecutors.

But defense attorneys objected to the judge inspecting the records, saying they might potentially contain the defendant's privileged information.

Sylvester gave the defense until Monday to file a written objection to his reviewing the records. Next Thursday, the judge will also hear a defense motion to invalidate the subpoena used to obtain the same records.

On Aug. 30, the judge will hearing arguments on whether records seized by police, including a notebook that Holmes sent to his psychiatrist, should not be admitted in evidence. The defense has argued they are protected by doctor-patient confidentially. News reports have said the notebook contains Holmes' plans for the deadly theater attack, including sketches.

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