Holmes' Defense Team Examines His Apartment

Residents Allowed Back In Wednesday Evening

Members of the team assigned to the defense of James Holmes went through his Aurora apartment Wednesday afternoon and residents were allowed back in later.

Holmes is accused of shooting 70 people at an Aurora theater last Thursday, killing 12.

The apartment building, at 1690 Paris St,. had been cordoned off with yellow police tape until Wednesday evening when residents were allowed back in.

Authorities said Holmes had booby-trapped his apartment with more than 30 homemade grenades and glass containers filled with gasoline. It took police and federal agents two days to safely clear the booby traps.

Four members of the defense team spent 45 minutes in the apartment taking notes, pictures and video. Two Aurora police detectives accompanied them.

Just after 6 p.m., the first residents came back to their apartments. Shortly after, though, they were seen packing up their vehicles and moving out.

Kaitlyn Fonzi and her boyfriend Chris Rodriguez were the first to pack up and get out. She said they were going to stay with family.

On Friday, Fonzi told 7NEWS that she nearly opened the door to Holmes' apartment because loud techno music was blaring. She tried banging on the door, but no one answered. She said she nearly went inside, but changed her mind.

After the shooting, police descended on the apartment complex and discovered the unit was booby-trapped. They determined the door was rigged to explode when opened.

None of the other residents who came back to pack up wanted to talk.

Police tape remained up outside the apartment to prevent trespassing, according to officers on scene. Police anticipated removing the crime scene tape sometime on Thursday.

Restoration Workers Describe Apartment

As residents packed up and moved out, restoration workers boarded up the windows to unit 10.

It took more than an hour to board up five different windows from unit 10 and another two from a unit across the hall.

After the work was done, workers told 7NEWS it looked like an explosion happened in or near the refrigerator because the doors were dented and pulled back.

7NEWS was told the couch was flipped over and the bed was on the floor. It was described as though someone had moved out of the home, but left their furniture behind.

Defense Attorneys Investigate Apartment

Earlier on Wednesday, Holmes' defense team and investigators toured the apartment unit. They could be seen from the outside looking around and capturing their own video.

The prosecution also had an opportunity to see the apartment unit since police finished investigating.

The door to the unit is now padlocked shut.

How Do You Defend Someone Whose Guilt Isn't Being Questioned?

Holmes' next court appearance is Monday at 9:30 a.m. in Arapahoe County Court. He'll learn the charges he faces at that hearing. No one has questioned his innocence, so 7NEWS asked a death penalty attorney what the tactic of a defense team would be.

"Under any scenario, he will spend every day, for the rest of his life, locked up. He's going to die in prison or the state hospital. Those are his only options," said attorney David Lane. "I think the public defenders are taking a position that anything they can do to prevent him from being executed is a step in the right direction."

Lane said it's likely the court will need to determine if Holmes is competent to stand trial -- meaning, can he assist in his own defense. Then, he may need a mental examination.

"I'm going out on that limb. I'm saying he's "demonstrably mentally ill.' How do I know that? 'Cause he walked into a movie theater and just started randomly shooting," said Lane. "Everybody hears about this crime; the first thing that pops into their mind is, 'This guy's crazy.'"

"Can you prove crazy if there's months of planningÂ…?" asked 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger.

"Don't confuse intelligence with insanity," said Lane. "You can have meticulous planning and you're operating under a delusion system that is completely not based in reality. So don't confuse intelligence with sanity."

Seventeen victims from the shooting remained hospitalized Wednesday afternoon.

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