HOA Fines Homeowner For Brown Lawn During Drought

Homeowner: $200 Fine Goes Too Far

Lori Worthman said she has tried everything to get her grass to grow, but now the Green Valley Ranch Homeowner’s Association is fining her $200 for brown spots in her front yard.

“Maybe I’m cursed with grass,” said Worthman. “I hired someone to fix the sprinkler, started watering more and put some new seed down. I agree it’s still not beautiful, but we’ve tried everything we can think of.”

Her lawn still has bare spots and dead grass.

“I’m glad to try to reseed again when it cools off, but we’re in the middle of a heat wave,” said Worthman.

The City of Denver has declared a Stage 1 drought and residents are under watering restrictions.

But the HOA President, James Tanner, said the organization warned Worthman that she needed to fix the problem last year and even gave her a nine-month extension.

He said she has not communicated with the board about what she is doing to address the problem.

”We would much rather have her fix the problem than collect the fine,” said Tanner. “If your house looks like trash then it’s going to depreciate the value of everything around you. That’s what an HOA is for is to establish and maintain property values.”

Tanner said if Worthman addresses the issue, the board will likely waive the fine.

“To spend $200 more in the hottest year on record to get grass green, I don’t know if that’s right,” said Worthman.

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