High School Cheerleader Quits Over Gay Taunts

Platte Valley Junior Upset Over Treatment By Fellow Students

A male cheerleader at Platte Valley High School in Weld County has quit because he said he's been taunted by other classmates who called him gay.

Cole Graves said the team's picture was posted last week on the Platte Valley High School Web site with the words "I'M GAY" underneath the two male members of the cheerleading squad.

Graves says the abuse has been going on for three or four months.

The picture was removed from the school's Web site once the school was notified.

"As soon as we found it, I had the picture pulled," Superintendent Glen McClain told the Greeley Tribune. "We were able to identify the person responsible for it, and we will take appropriate action."

Graves' mother, Kim Albreicht, said her son complained of other students calling him names and told the newspaper that some students were starting fights with him.

Graves said that on Friday four male students were waiting to beat him up because they thought he was gay.

The high school junior said he reported the abuse the cheerleader coaches and then to the athletic director.

"I know I'm not gay," he told the Tribune. "It's probably harder for a person who is gay and has to be called names. I feel so sorry for them."

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