Hidden Camera Appears To Catch Perp Red Handed

Greeley Police Release Photograph Of Man Placing Camera In Bathroom

Greeley police are looking for the person who hid a digital video camera in one of the family changing rooms at Family FunPlex, a city-run recreation center.

Police were alerted Sunday when a woman found the hidden camera hidden in an air freshener container. Investigators believe it had been placed in the changing room four hours earlier.

"A woman had used the room and saw that the container did not appear normal," said West. "It looked like there was a lens where there would usually have been the air freshener dispenser. She took it to the front desk, and they immediately called police."

Police have asked for the public's assistance in identifying the person in a photo taken from the camera. This subject was seen hanging around the changing rooms, wearing white swim trunks with blue flowers, and entering the changing room for a brief time, police said.

Police are also asking anyone who used Family Change Room 2 to call them.

If you recognize the man, please contact the Investigations Section of the Greeley Police Department at 970-350-9670 during regular business hours, or Greeley Police Dispatch at 970-350-9600 after business hours.

Air freshner cameras can be purchased on the Internet for around $300.

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