Hermaphrodite Sane Enough To Face Criminal Charges

Storme Shannon Aerison AKA Charles Daugherty, Back In Spotlight

A judge in Colorado Springs said a renowned hermaphrodite facing theft, fraud and bond-jumping charges is competent to stand trial.

Storme Shannon Aerison. 42, has been held at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo since 2004 after a judge ruled her incompetent to stand trial.

Now, Fourth Judicial District Judge Edward Colt says he believes a doctor who said Aerison is "feigning cognitive impairment in an effort to avoid prosecution.".

Aerison was born with the genitals of both a male and female, according to court testimony. Named Charles Daugherty at birth, she changed her name when she decided to live as a woman, but she still has both male and female genitals.

Daugherty became national news in the 1990s when the then-26-year-old was arrested after enrolling at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs claiming to be 17, and then joining the all-girl cheerleading squad. At that time, he used the name Cheyen Weatherly.

After two pep rallies, Daughterty was arrested for criminal impersonation and third-degree forgery.

Daugherty later told talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael he had developed multiple personalities after being sexually abused and could cope only by believing he was a female.

After completing probation on a felony impersonation conviction, Daugherty legally changed her name to Storme Shannon Aerison.

Aerison faces a number of charges stemming from what police describe as a number of financial scams stemming from her claims that she was a supermodel. Police said she defrauded photographers, calendar companies and overseas hotels out of money, airline tickets and rooms.

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