Health Insurance Stopped Over Penny

Woman Fighting Cancer Spends Hours Getting Problem Corrected

A woman fighting cancer spent hours fighting her insurance company over a single penny.

LaRosa Carrington lost her job with Alta Colleges, putting her on COBRA. Under the federal COBRA law, people who lose their jobs under certain circumstances can temporarily keep their group health insurance from their employer, but they have to pick up a larger share of their premium, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Carrington told the newspaper she determined her payment was $165.15 a month, so she sent a check. However, Discovery Benefits determined Carrington owed $165.16.

Last week, Carrington received a letter saying she was short on her premium and her coverage could not be continued.

Carrington said she called and was told it was policy that the penny must be received before the benefits could be reinstated.

"‘I’m in the hospital receiving chemotherapy; I can’t get you a money order,'" Carrington told the newspaper she told the rep. "If this is how you treat people, you need spiritual training."

The newspaper reported it took numerous calls over several hours before someone agreed to help Carrington. And Carrington has her health insurance back.