HAZMAT Scare Forces Comcast Evacuation

Fire Officials: Air Conditioning Leak May Be To Blame

Dozens of Comcast employees were evacuated Saturday evening after fire officials said the air conditioning system may have leaked Freon.

Cunningham Fire Chief Jerry Rhodes said crews were called to the Comcast facility at 8000 East Iliff Avenue at about 5:17 p.m. He said an employee noticed a “vapor,” triggering the company to activate emergency alarms and evacuate the building.

HAZMAT crews from South Metro Fire Rescue assisted with the incident. Inside the building, they found the possible source of the problem, a leak in a Freon line. The leak was stopped and crews were working to ventilate the building before allowing employees back inside, Rhodes said.

Officials said 50 to 60 employees were evacuated. An RTD bus was brought in so that workers had a place to stay warm.

The facility includes a call center. Comcast spokeswoman Cindy Parsons said customer service was not interrupted by the incident. Calls were routed to another center out of state.

Rhodes said none of the Comcast employees showed any symptoms in connection with the leak.

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