Hancock Releases Cell Phone Records To Post

Post Says It Found No Incriminating Evidence Linking Mayor-Elect To Escort Service

Denver Mayor-Elect Michael Hancock is fighting back over allegations that he solicited prostitutes.

Hancock released his cell phone records to the Denver Post on Tuesday.

The newspaper noted that in their review of Hancock's unedited and unredacted personal cellphone records, they found no incriminating evidence linking Hancock to the former Denver Players and Denver Sugar escort businesses.

The paper reported that their team of editors and reporters scoured through 800 pages looking for the phone numbers to the escort service or any of its employees and could not find any matches.

7NEWS has requested those cell phone records as well, but they have not yet been given to us.

Scottie J. Ewing, who owned the Denver Players business from 2003 to 2005, has said most customers had to provide a phone number that would be called and verified. Hancock's cell number is included in Ewing's client book.

Notations next to Hancock's name -- misspelled Handcock -- in the appointment logs alleged he called from payphones.

Hancock has denied soliciting prostitutes and also released his calendar records.

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