Gunman's Family Church To Hold Prayer Service

Gunman's Family Pastor Speaks Out

A prayer service is scheduled Tuesday night at the central Denver church attended by the family of the gunman, Matthew Murray, in this weekend's church shootings. 

Pastor Jim Wurst said Murray's mother and father have been dedicated members of His Love Fellowship church for years. The service Tuesday night is set to focus on healing for all the victims, the families and the communities involved.

"And we are praying that even through these tragedies, that God will bring about good in the lives of the people that remain," said Wurst.

Wurst said Matthew Murray was a member of the church as a young man, but left the church in his late teens.

"Perhaps out of this whole experience, that maybe somebody who's troubled somewhere will reconsider what they're doing.  And maybe someone else can reach out to somebody who is troubled," said Wurst.  "And maybe they could head-off the next potential gunman, if somebody would care and show love and concern," added Wurst.

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