Guardian Angels Combat Crime On 16th St. Mall

Denver Tourism District Faces String Of Brazen Attacks

After more than a dozen brazen attacks in and around Denver’s 16th Street Mall, a legendary group of volunteer crime-fighters is stepping up efforts to make people feel safe.

Members of Denver’s chapter of the Guardian Angels are now patrolling the popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

"We feel like people should be able to walk the streets of their hometown," said Coordinator Carl "Doc" Webster.

Webster is among a group of volunteers now keeping an eye on the 16th Street Mall, especially on weekend nights.

Their efforts come as Denver Police probe at least 15 attacks around downtown since August. Some of the attacks have been caught on police security cameras.

Visitors to the mall Sunday night were appreciative of the Guardian Angels.

"I’ve never felt threatened walking 16th Street Mall or most of Denver," said Zach Clum. "It’s always nice to have a group stand up and say, 'We’ll protect you' instead of having to worry about tax money and the police and everything else.”

Right now, the Guardian Angels are patrolling the mall in two-man teams. There are hopes to add multiple patrols to the area if the group can get enough volunteers.

The group plans to be the eyes and ears of the police who are already tasked with a huge job.

"If people can see me in my outfit and know that I’m there to protect them and they feel a little comfortable, then that's worthwhile," Webster said.

The group is currently looking for more volunteers. People can volunteer by calling 303-861-3078.

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