Greeley Potty Peeper Suspect Arrested In Iowa

Police: Justin Robert West Traveled To Different States Attending Arts, Crafts Sites With Family

Greeley police said a suspect has been arrested in the case of a hidden camera placed in a Greeley Funplex bathroom.

Justin Robert West, 32, of Des Moines, Iowa was arrested Friday night at his home on an arrest warrant issued in Greeley.

Charges on the warrant include sexual exploitation of children and three counts of invasion of privacy for sexual gratification.

"Our investigation indicates West has been traveling to different states and attending various arts and crafts sites with his family," Greeley police said.

Law enforcement authorities at another venue in Iowa City, Iowa, are currently examining their files for possible similar reported activities, as well as examining information provided to them from the Greeley investigation.

West is currently being held in the Polk County, Iowa, jail and will face extradition to Weld County, in addition to any possible charges pending in the other jurisdiction.

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