Grandparents Help With Fertility Treatment

Growing Number Of Parents Pay For Daughters To Freeze Eggs

Doctors say a growing number of women are asking for parental assistance in paying for fertility treatments.

"I was really tired of making decisions based on the pressure of my biological clock," said Telluride restaurant owner Jennifer Hayes.

Hayes froze her eggs so when the time is right, having kids may be easier.

Egg freezing isn't cheap. Doctors tell 7NEWS the average cost is about $10,000.

And in a growing number of cases, parents are helping with the expense, hoping for grandchildren later in life.

"My parents said to me, 'You know, do you think we'd rather have this money sitting in a bank account or a grandchild some day?'" said Hayes.

Doctors are noticing the process is becoming a family affair.

"So the grandparents, if you will, are there a bit prematurely," said fertility specialist Dr. William Schoolcraft of Lone Tree.

Hayes said this is all about having no regrets.

"I will know with great certainty I had used all the options available to me at that time," said Hayes.

In many cases, insurance will not cover this type of treatment, making parental assistance even more important.

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