Grandmother Arrested In Child's Death Moved To Medical Unit

Becky Trujillo, 60, Of Commerce City, Jailed On $1 Million Bond

Neighbors Defend Grandmother; Trujillo Moved To Medical Unit

7News has confirmed Doris Becky Trujillo, 60, has been moved to a medical unit at the Adams County Detention Center.

A jail spokesperson wouldn't say how long Trujillo has been in the unit or why she was moved there.

Days after her arrest, neighbors of Trujillo are trying to make sense of her arrest.

"It tears me apart," said Jason Miller. "I've lived here five years and she would never hurt those kids."

Several neighbors who did not want to go on camera said Trujillo took custody of the children after their mother was ordered to give up custody.

Miller said he could never see any signs of abuse.

"When they were at my house they were always happy," he said. "They were happy to play with my kids and be around me and my wife. They were so happy."

The Arrest

Police arrested Trujillo in connection with the death of her 4-year-old grandson, who was pronounced dead Friday afternoon at Children's Hospital in Aurora.

Doris Becky Trujillo, 60, was being held at the Adams County Detention Center on investigation of child abuse resulting in death, said Commerce City Police Detective Mike Saunders. The grandmother, who uses the first name Becky, was held on $1 million bond.

Four-year-old Gabriel Trujillo died at 1 p.m. Friday from head injuries suffered on Tuesday, Saunders said.

Gabriel's mother, Christine Trujillo, said she had conflicting emotions.

"I'm torn. I love them both. He's my son, but she's my mother," Christine Trujillo told 7NEWS reporter Tyler Lopez late Friday afternoon.

At about 2 p.m. Tuesday, an ambulance was dispatched to the Trujillo family home at 6451 Siegal Court on a report of a child who was injured by a fall, Saunders said.

The child was immediately transported in critical condition to Children's Hospital.

The boy's uncle, Frank Rios, said that Becky Trujillo told police "Gabe" had fallen off a table, however, the boy's injuries were not consistent with a fall.

Suspicious about the circumstances of the boy's injuries, police immediately launched an investigation, Saunders said.

Gabe Trujillo died on Friday, Feb. 17.

Gabe had head injuries so severe that doctors had to crack his skull to relieve the brain's swelling, Rios said. The family agreed to remove the boy from life support on Friday afternoon.

"It was hard for me to be there today when the pulled the plug on him. He didn't deserve this. He deserved to live," said Gabe's stepgrandmother Elizabeth Trujillo. "We want answers. We want answers to why this happened."

Last year, Becky Trujillo took custody of Gabe and his sisters, 10-year-old Monique and 13-year-old Krista, because the children's mother had issues, family members said.

On Tuesday, other children were removed from the home by the Department of Social Services, Saunders said. He declined to identify the children who were removed, citing the ongoing investigation.

Police and social services have made previous calls to the home, Saunders said.

Police Records Reveal Concern For Children

7NEWS obtained police records showing each time police responded to Becky Trujillo's home in the last five years.

November 24, 2006: Becky Trujillo called Commerce City Police for a welfare check at her home. The records show there was no answer at the door, and no contact was ever made with anyone.

September 23, 2011: A woman called police saying she was at Becky Trujillo's home to check on three children. There is no detail describing why there was a concern. Commerce City Police did not make contact with anyone at the home.

January 5, 2012: A man called police reporting a four-year-old boy with a broken arm and bruising on his face and lip. The report states that Commerce City Police were "attempting contact" and assisting another agency, but there are no other details.

February 7, 2012: Elizabeth Trujillo called police and reported thinking Gabe was getting hurt at the home and had bruising which she found suspicious.

Saunders said police were called out to the home on Feb. 7, but they found no one at home.

Asked if police followed up with another attempt to contact the family, Saunders said police were reviewing that issue.

According to the report, police found out Adams County Social Services said the child was taken to Children's Hospital the day before and had no broken bones.

Elizabeth Trujillo criticized police and social services' handling of the investigation.

"I called because I had seen pictures of him with bumps on his forehead; bruises all over his body," said Elizabeth Trujillo. "If they went there like they said they did, then they would have seen the bumps and bruises."

February 14, 2012: Becky Trujillo called police at 1:53 p.m. on Valentine's Day and reported that her grandson "fell from a chair." The report continues to say she reported, "He is breathing, but he won't wake up."

Gabe was taken by ambulance to Children's Hospital. He was taken off of life support and died around 1 p.m. Friday.

Saunders said he could not say where the boy's parents were when he was injured, because that's part of the investigation.

"The investigation is ongoing and we'll continue to look into other people who had contact with this child," Saunders said.

On February 16, police records show social services went back to the home to gather clothing for kids who had been taken out of the home.

Victim's Aunt Defends Suspect

Angela Trujillo is the victim's aunt, but also the suspect's daughter.

"She would never lay her hands on her grandkids, ever. She never hit us. We never got spanked or anything," said Angela Trujillo. "She loves her grandkids and I love my mom to death."

Detectives plan to meet next Tuesday with the Adams County District Attorney's Office to present their case to prosecutors, who will make the ruling on the filing of formal charges and who will be charged.

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