Government Corruption Case Nets Ex-Paving Contractor 9 Years

Former Quality Paving Executive Sentenced For His Role In Theft Of Taxpayer Dollars

A man found guilty of bilking Adams County taxpayers was sentenced to 9 years in prison Monday.

In February, a jury found former owner of Quality Paving, Jerry Rhea, 63, guilty on charges of theft, conspiracy to commit theft and trying to influence a public servant.

Prosecutors said during the trial that he over billed the Adams County or was paid for work that never happened, including paving a road that didn't exist.

In 2008, CALL7 Investigators raised questions about the $14 million worth of no bid contracts, apparent gifts and work on county employees' homes provided by Quality Paving.

Those stories sparked an investigation and criminal that led to charges against Rhea, some of his managers, as well several county employees.

In a statement by the Adams County District Attorney's Office, Chief Trial Deputy Dave Young said, “Mr. Rhea violated the public trust. This case involved corruption and theft from Adams County.”

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