MUST SEE: Douglas County dispatcher Heather Violette's 'Flashdance' for charity

Dance part of Ice Bucket Challenge

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. - A Douglas County dispatcher with a great sense of humor, and questionable dance skills, has taken the popular "Ice Bucket Challenge" to a creative new level.

The rules are simple for the "Ice Bucket Challenge." Law enforcement officers from around the country challenge each other on social media to take an icy bath and record it. In addition to the "cold shower," participants also donate $10 to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.

Lots of agencies around the metro area have taken the challenge in the last week -- check out Arvada Police, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, and the Parker Police Department.

This week, dispatcher Heather Violette got her challenge from her friend Keri Smith and Violette got creative with her video.

"When Keri challenged me, she said, 'I'm expecting something good from you,'" Violette said. "I thought I better think of something creative."

Violette said she's a child of the 80s and remembered the water scene in Flashdance.

However, her kids, who are 12 and 13, didn't know about the movie. Their response to seeing it? They called it an awful song.

"Just go with it," Violette said she told her kids who filmed the video. "We'll put a funny spin on it."

It starts with a chair in a driveway, in front of a garage. You hear Violette off-camera accepting the challenge. And then she cues the music.

Suddenly, there's Violette in headband, shirt off one shoulder, dancing to the theme song from "Flashdance."

And before the video ends, there's the water.

Violette said her husband almost fell out the upstairs window trying to dump the bucket of water on her.

She said they did the video in one take, giggled and ran back inside the house.

Check out her video:

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