Golden Retriever Saves Hikers From Mountain Lion

Friendly 'Stanley' Charges Until Mountain Lion Climbs Up Tree

A trusty golden retriever named Stanley is being hailed a hero after saving his owner and her friend from a mountain lion.

The two women were hiking with their dogs off Highway 7 in Lyons last week when a mountain lion approached. They had noticed tracks in the area but they thought the tracks were old until Betsy Burton spotted an animal out of the corner of her eye.

"I turned to my left and he was right there. About 4 to 6 feet, kind of to the left of me, but behind me. It was this absolutely gorgeous mountain lion," Burton said. "At first I really didn't get it. I saw him and I thought, 'How beautiful.'"

Then the lion spotted Burton and Cindy Kaylan. They say it crouched down and began to growl.

"The lion just kept staring at Betsy and it just seemed like he was going to come after her," Kaylan said. "I felt like running but I knew that wasn't the right thing to do."

Burton then yelled at Kaylan to find a big branch and hold it above her head to make her appear larger.

"You know, that made me act big. We just kept screaming," said Kaylan, who owns Stanley.

"Then all of a sudden Stanley just charged at him, and the mountain lion ran up a tree about 30 feet away," Kaylan said.

They could hear the lion roaring at the dog from the tree.

"About a minute later Stanley came (back). We thought Stanley would be dead or completely bloody but Stanley was fine," Burton said. "What is good about that is Stanley, being as brave as he is, gave us time to do what we're suppose to do."

The Department of Wildlife is monitoring the area. It estimates that the mountain lion the woman confronted weighs about 150 pounds.

A local wildlife expert recommends anyone who wants to hike in mountain lion territory to carry bear Mace. It sprays up to 30 feet and scares the lions long enough for a person to get away.

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