Windsor homeowner returns to flooded house

WINDSOR, Colo. - Heavy rains overwhelmed storm drains in parts of Windsor Tuesday afternoon leading to localized flooding.

Brenda Huggenberger was one of the victims.

She was driving back to her neighborhood when she noticed rainwater pooling in the street in front of her house.

“I knew my basement was flooded,” she told 7NEWS.

As she pulled into her driveway, she noticed the water was about eight inches deep.

She says that when she opened her garage door to grab some sandbags, three tires floated out. She grabbed them and put them back in her garage, then grabbed some sandbags and placed them against her front door.

“I got inside the house through that window,” she said, pointing to an open window next to her door.

Once inside, Huggenberger noticed water rushing down the basement stairs “like a waterfall.”

“This is the second time it’s happened,” she said. “I was home last year when I heard noise downstairs.  It sounded like windows breaking. I went down into the spare room and saw the flood.”

On Tuesday, it was déjà vu.

Huggenberger walked through six inches of water pointing out the bedroom furniture and other belongings that were surrounded by water.

“We’re waiting for a restoration crew,” she said, the frustration evident in her voice as she talked about recently completed repairs following last year’s flood.

“We just painted,” she told 7NEWS. “I got new carpet.  We just got through putting in new doors about a month ago.”

Huggenberger’s landlord says the storm drain across the street is inadequate for the amount of rain that has fallen.

He says he’s complained to the city whenever the drain gets plugged, but has seen no response.

Two hours after the storm, the water started receding in the street but not in Huggenberger’s basement.

“I threw out two boxes of books last year,” she said. “We just moved this bookcase down here, now we may have to get rid of more.”

Watch the replay of the interview above.

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