Westminster homeowners frustrated with incomplete homes, delays

Developer and contractor pointing fingers

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - Westminster families building brand new homes in the Bradburn subdivision say they are frustrated with incomplete homes, months of delays, and recently learned their developer has more financial problems. 

"We have no answers; we just want a finished home," said homeowner Terence Reilly.

Reilly and his family moved to Westminster from New Jersey. It was their dream to build a house in Colorado.

"We should have listened to our head, but we listened to our heart because we thought we were building a great home in Westminster," explained Reilly.

The family was supposed to close on their new home in October. Instead, they closed in late February.

"The home is not what we dreamed of," he said.

The home was livable, but still not finished. Now, nearly five months later, Reilly says the problems continue.

"What was supposed to be a two car drive-way is a one and half car obstacle course," he explained while showing us the unfinished work on his property. 

Reilly said the driveway was not done properly, their front yard remains without landscaping and their backyard is still without a fence.

"They'll be a fence at some point, but who knows when that is, tomorrow, next week, September, never - your guess is as good as mine," he said.

7NEWS uncovered the Reillys are not the only ones who have had problems with the developer.  KCI General Contractors, the company hired to build the Reillys home, has since placed a mechanics' lien on Reillys property. The lien states that KCI General Contractors is owed more than $96,000 in unpaid labor and materials from the developer, Stone House Properties. 

"We received notification of a lien the weekend we moved in and that was just insult to injury for us," explained Reilly.

KCI General Contractors' owner, Glenn Kunkel tells 7NEWS he is now in the process of suing Stone House Properties for more than $550,000 in unpaid labor and materials for work performed on the Reillys home and six others in the Bradburn subdivision.

"It looks like that's around the neighborhood as well; a lot of homes remain unfinished, or significantly delayed," said Reilly.

Reid Phillips is the owner of Stone House Properties.  He provided 7NEWS with this statement regarding the allegations against him:

"While this is a matter that we still hope to resolve privately, and we have engaged and hope to re-engage with a mediator to help us reach a settlement, I would like to say that there were no liens recorded before or on the date of sale for this property.  The homeowners closed on their home on March 5th, 2014, and no intent to lien was delivered to a Stone House Properties registered agent until weeks after closing.  The lien in question was recorded with Adams County on April 29th, 2014; there was no illegal activity during the sale of this home.

Unfortunately the contractor caused numerous problems with the city building department by doing unpermitted work, which later had to be re-done, and otherwise failing to properly manage the work and completion schedule, leaving Stone House Properties with no choice but to terminate his contract and find a replacement to finish the homes.  There is currently no litigation in regards to any homes being constructed by Stone House Properties.

I'd also like to say that Stone House Properties has been honoring the warranty commitment given to the one homeowner who has closed their home, as we do with all of our homes.  It did take longer than expected, as it often does when a dispute arises with a contractor.  Their walkthrough items have been completed, bar a water seal test that is on the work schedule and their landscaping is going in conjunction with their neighbor's home to the west.  That actually started last Thursday.  Thank you for contacting us."

However, Reilly maintains none of the landscaping work has yet begun on his property. He also said the family has never seen or received a work schedule from Stone House Properties throughout the entire process.

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