If you have approximately $20 million, this is the massive property you could buy in Parker

PARKER, Colo. - You could own the biggest home on the Front Range, if you can scrape together about $20 million before the end of September.

The fully-furnished home at 10687 Evans Ridge Road in Parker was originally listed for $22 million with brokers from Keller Williams DTC Luxury Intl., but the husband and wife broker team are prepared for the property to go to auction. If no bid is accepted in advance, the highest bidder will win the property on Sept. 27.

But you'll have to put up $250,000 just to prove you're eligible to bid.

"So that we know that those people are actually interested and have the financial wherewithal to purchase the property," broker Christine Battista said.

Assuming you can find that kind of money in your couch cushions, 7NEWS tried to calculate the kind of mortgage payments that would be required. Bankrate.com's calculator wouldn't even accept our low-ball estimate of an $18 million selling price -- the number was too big.

Zillow.com's calculator warned we would need to expect monthly payments of over $100,000 for a 30-year mortgage on the extravagant property.

In truth, the brokers say they expect the buyer will be the kind of person who can pay cash for the property. Christine and her husband Carl Battista would not reveal who has made inquiries already, but would say that some of the interested parties were local and also that some sports stars were interested.

If you are part of the one percent with that kind of cash on hand, the property will come fully furnished. Among the amenities are an indoor pool, two-lane bowling alley, home theater, game room, massive garage, two-person bar, ball room and a master suite bigger than many entire homes.

Once you own the home, the brokers estimated the yearly costs to be in excess of $100,000. That includes the current salaries of employees who live in the apartment in a separate building above the multi-vehicle garage.

The compound is being sold by Cal Turner Jr., the former CEO of Dollar General stores. He used it as a private getaway and corporate retreat.

Because it is an auction, the brokers do not yet know what the final selling price will be and they declined to venture a guess.

"I expect the final price to be something the seller is very happy with," Christine Battista said.

(The offer of all the money in my wallet was not accepted.)

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