Suspect who allegedly cut baby from womb, Dynel Lane, held Colorado nurses' aide license

LONGMONT, Colo. - The woman accused of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting a baby from her womb holds an expired license as a nurses' aide in Colorado.

The victim was found by police in a home on Green Place and Vivian Street in Longmont at 2:41 p.m. Wednesday.

Police said the pregnant woman went to the home in response to a Craigslist ad for baby clothing. She did not know the seller, according to Longmont Police spokesman Jeff Satur.

The pregnant woman was attacked, beaten and suffered injuries to her stomach.

Alone inside the home, the victim called 911. When officers arrived at approximately 2:41 p.m., they could hear a woman calling for help from inside. An officer got her out and she was rushed to Longmont United Hospital for treatment.

The suspect allegedly arrived at the same hospital later with her husband and a deceased baby, claiming she had a miscarriage. 

Satur said that woman, identified as 34-year-old Dynel Catrece Lane, was arrested on suspicion of three felonies -- attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and child abuse knowingly/recklessly resulting in death. She is expected to make her first court appearance Thursday afternoon.

According to the arrest report, Lane admitted to a detective that she cut open the victim's abdomen to remove it. Staff at the hospital said the baby would have been viable.

An autopsy on the baby is scheduled to be completed Friday, District Attorney Stan Garnett told reporters. The results of that autopsy will be a key consideration in the determination of the charges Lane will face in court.

"The issue of whether or not murder charges are appropriate involving a case involving the death of a fetus or late-term pregnancy is always a difficult issue," he said. "Under Colorado law, there's no way murder charges can be brought if it is not established that the fetus lived as a child outside the body of the mother for some period of time. I don't know the answer yet as to whether that could be established – what our facts are here. One of the issues that we will need to evaluate in connection with that is the medical information from the autopsy."

7NEWS found a Dynel Lane who registered on a pregnancy website and a baby registry saying her baby was due Nov. 14, 2014. Friends on her social media page comment on her pregnancy as recently as September 2014.

An online obituary also shows that a woman with the same name lost a child in July 2002. The obituary identified the 19-month-old boy as Michael Alexander Cruz. "He loved playing with his sisters, cousins and friends. He had just learned to sing his first song, 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." His family called the boy "Little Mac," according to the obituary.

A relative told the Associated Press that the boy accidentally drowned in a shallow pond at the home of her parents near Pueblo, Colorado. Investigators at the time ruled the death an accident.

7NEWS learned the suspect has at least two girls who live at the home on Green Place, but it was not known if they were home at the time of the attack.

Records from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies shows a Dynel C. Lane held a certified nurse aide license in 2010. It expired in 2012. 

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Longmont police say they would like to speak with any other women who may have answered Lane's Craigslist ad. If you have recently answered an ad for baby clothes or baby items from someone who represented herself as “D” or Dynel or gone to her address at 1620 Green Place, call the Longmont Police Department as soon as possible at (303) 651-8501.

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