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New WWI exhibit showcases Longmont's role in the war

Posted: 4:24 PM, Feb 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-04 23:24:58Z

LONGMONT, Colo. – When you think about the ‘war to end all wars’ you only pretty much think about the battles between the Allies and the Central powers. A new exhibition here in Colorado, however, wants to offer a closer perspective on the conflict.

The Longmont Museum unveiled Friday “Longmont & the Great War,” to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the American military entering World War I.

The exhibition tells the personal of World War I “through the experiences of people from Longmont – soldiers, doctors, and nurses in training and overseas, as well as citizens on the homefront,” according to information from the city’s website .

The exhibition is made up mostly of items from the era including uniforms, medical care artifacts, propaganda posters, photographers, letters and more.

If you’re interested in tickets, click here .

The exhibition will go on through May 13, 2018.