Man rescued after getting stuck between 2 walls of Longmont Marshalls; may have been there for days

LONGMONT, Colo. - A man was found stuck in a wall at a Marshalls store in Longmont Tuesday morning. Really.

Even crazier, the man may have been in there for three days, according to Sgt. Matt Cage with the Longmont Police Department.

Fire crews had to break down part of the exterior wall to rescue the man.

"I've had a few strange calls -- this was definitely one of the strangest," said Longmont Fire Department spokesperson Molly Meehan. "He was extremely anxious to get out. He was extremely cold and wanted out."

The man may have gained access to the store on Ken Pratt Boulevard from the roof and got lodged in the wall, Cage said.

Apparently, the man created enough noise to be heard by people inside the store.

"Store employees had heard screaming and couldn't figure out the origin," said Molly Meehan.

The man is in his 40s and may be a transient, Cage said.

Once crews freed the man, he was transported to the hospital to be checked out.

Police will investigate the incident as a trespassing case. If convicted, some of us feel he should get credit for time served.

"This definitely could have been a call that didn't end on a good note," said Meehan.

"He needed to get out -- it was very cold today," said Lt. Troy Reed with the Longmont Fire Department. "It's a huge team effort. You know we're proud of everybody that was involved."

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