Highlands Ranch residents: Chronic lost mail issue needs fixing

Dozens say packages never arrive
Posted at 7:31 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 21:31:58-04

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo .-- The chances of your mail getting lost is pretty slim, about 1 percent. But there seems to be an ongoing problem in Highlands Ranch. People have reached out to Denver7 just within the last two days, saying their mail never showed up.

Carol Walsh said she has grown increasingly frustrated with the local post office at University and Quebec. She told Denver7 her packages getting lost for weeks has become a chronic problem.

"I shop online and I was trying to receive an item from Macy's and that item never arrived,” said Walsh, a long time Highlands Ranch resident.

"I went into the post office to find out what happened with my “delivered package” and once I filed a claim with the supervisor, it was interesting because then the next day my packages miraculously magically arrived in the box."

As it turns, out she's not alone. Close to 100 people in a neighborhood Facebook group say the same thing happens to them continuously.

"It could be rebate checks that were submitted from a Costco purchase, personal licenses, bills, checks that people are expecting to receive," said Walsh. "We are living in a digital world right now, where a lot of people shop online."

But out front of the post office, the people Denver7 talked with told a different story.

"I've had the exact opposite experience. I’m always amazed at the job they do. That's how I feel," said Chris Gerhards.

That specific location handles millions of pieces of mail a week.

"I've not had any that I have not received. You haven't heard of any of the issues? Not in my neighborhood," said Jim Sebben.

A spokesperson for the US Postal Service said he hasn’t heard of any issues but plans to work with the those who have filed complaints.

"It makes you angry that you can’t rely on something that should be reliable and it's not happening," said Walsh.

To file a complaint against the United States Postal Service click here.